Facial Coaching Method Tiên Đạo by Eva Janosek
Facial Coaching Method Tiên Đạo by Eva Janosek

Method Tiên Đạo by Eva Janosek *Facial Lifting * Accupresure * Abdominal Detox * Facial Reflexology * Crystal Terapy * Gua Sha * Ridoki * Aromatherapy

Who is Eva Janosek ?

Welcome to the world of Eva Clara Janosek : exciting world where scientific therapies combine the practices of well-being, through the deep meaning of giving and receiving.

Who am I?

Fascinated by the Asian cuture and philosophy , I studied with the great masters various energy therapies in Belgium, France , Vietnam and India and I become a therapist and trainer. I integrate energy therapies in my first passion , bio- aesthetics.

A new method is born: the Energy Holistic Tien Dao .

For 25 years I refine this method by making it accessible to healthcare professionals and beauty . Tien Dao is a unique method that places WOMEN in its center and teaches him to heal following the steps of her femininity , seasons , morphology and character.

How can I help YOU ?

I want to put my personality and values ​​in the service of women.

As a trainer I love helping women so they can learn and take care of them as much preventive and curative... and to excel and realize the potential they have.

My experience allows me to develop training modules based on the practice that can be used in the Spa, the wellness centers or office by massage therapists, aestheticians or nurses. I currently train in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

In project: U.K. , Canada and Romania. If you are interested in developing as a Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic therapist let me know please.

I love to get involved in new projects, share, meet new people and find out what they are passionate .

Method Tiên Đạo by Eva Janosek
Method Tiên Đạo by Eva Janosek

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J'ai eu la joie et le plaisir de recevoir un soin merveilleux. Pendant le soin , j'ai pû me connecter à des animaux de pouvoir. J'y ai reçu un message claire et net. Merci Eva pour ce soin d'exception

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Bonjour Vanessa ,
Voilà mon numéro 0478447362
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Bonjour Eva. Comment je dois faire pour prendre un rendez-vous pour un soin. Merci. vanessa

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